Web Maintenance Service

Media Feeders will help you maintain your website and increase result within a space of time. We engage maintenance solution for your website after an observation on your website and proper analysis. We will after that provide you with areas we will improve on and the specific services to be carried out with payment terms which we feel are appropriate.

Media Feeders is a one-room shop for all content management requirements ranging from website to social media and email newsletters content. We have the experience that will help us deliver to your expectation in website management. We have a dedicated team of website managers that will provide you with client support management and handle all your requests

Our Web Maintenance Services:

We offer the following support services to businesses and organizations:

Website Content Management

Content Review and Editing

Graphic Design

Search Engine Optimization

Social Media Management

E-mail newsletter management

Technical support

Website Backup

Website Security

Script/Program Updates

24/7 Website Monitoring

Your business needs a partner with the skills, technology, and experience to create an industry-leading website for your business so that you can compete profitably in the overcrowded marketplace of today.

Secure Backups

We will create a complete backup of your website every 30 days. All backups will be stored in a secure local server.

Content Updates

As you create new content for your web pages and blogs. Our team will publish them appropriately to your site, along with any accompanying images. We will also update Meta tags for SEO purposes when publishing new content. We will also make minor changes to your website’s copy, images, or layout at your request.

If those changes required are more than twenty-five percent (25%) of your website in a given month. A statement of work will be created with separate pricing for website design services.

Script/Program Updates

We will add or edit scripts, programs, and software at your request, and when necessary to maintain site performance and security. As with content updates, any updates that will change more than twenty five percent (25%) of your website in a given month will require a separate statement of work for website design services.

24/7 Website Monitoring

Media Feeders team will monitor your site for security breaches and outages daily. We will notify you of any website issues within one hour of initial occurrence and will resolve issues as quickly as possible. The actual resolution time for website maintenance issues including security breaches and outages will vary depending on the specific parameters of each event.

To get your website up to date with the latest content and graphics requires an understanding of both your website and the underlying infrastructure.

Why Choose Us?

We don’t just build basic websites, we do maintenance of the existing websites. Your website is expertly designed and marketed by professionals when it comes to turning users into raving fanatics and generating consistent leads for your business will be an added advantage for better profiting.

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