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Content Marketing

Content Marketing is not an advertising campaign in the traditional sense, we have found that a well-designed content production strategy vastly improves the performance of all of a brand’s advertising campaigns.

Media Feeders marketing team implements a content strategy that focuses on regular blog posts and gated content to be used across all advertising channels. To make that possible, we will need to do the following:

Perform keyword research to determine what topics will generate organic interest.

Perform a user case study to understand the key challenges and goals of your target audience

Develop a six (6) months editorial calendar Reporting

We will deliver detailed monthly reports to every advertising services client.

The content section of the monthly report will include the following:

• Content items produced

• Organic traffic to content

• Social traffic to content

• Lead attribution per content item

• New revenue attribution per content item

The above metrics will help you to understand how content production and promotion is affecting your brand awareness and revenue growth.

What Should You Expect?

• Increased organic traffic to your company’s website from social media

• Not less than 30% increase in in-bound lead generation

Your Business Deserves the Best

Let Media Feeders Limited handle your Media services, content, affiliate, and influencer marketing. We believe success is all in who you know. That’s why we would like to be your full-service affiliate and influencer marketing agency.

Digital Marketing Team

Content Marketing: Media Feeders Limited

Our digital consultant team can help your brand, activate and engage the potential audiences in your country of operation and the entire world as well through top affiliates and influencer partners. These include affiliate and content delivery networks, publishing houses, bloggers, vloggers, and social media influencers.

With the use of our unique digital marketing expertise. We will develop and execute a creative influencer and affiliate marketing strategies to amplify your brand story at scale and reach thousands of people in your country or continent and beyond.

Affiliate and Influencer Team

Our affiliate and influencer marketing team can build and grow an affiliate channel of independent marketers to promote your store, business, and services.  We as a company specialized in affiliate marketing, lead generation strategies that deliver a return on investment (ROI) through extensive brand reach, affiliate engagement and high performance.

If managed the right way or by right personnel; affiliate and influencer marketing is one of the digital marketing channels that can open up access to huge audiences worldwide resulting to lead generation on a large scale. If managed the wrong way, it can result in bad practice and extremely low-value partners. Our experience in influencer and affiliate marketing will enable your business to safely navigate in the digital marketing world.

What we can do for your brand:

Media Feeders Limited
  • Design a strategy focused on brand exposure, advocacy, and profit and revenue growth
  • Create a best practice in account setup and tracking in order to maximize investment
  • Select the right technology providers for your business to partner with
  • Identify and select the best affiliate and influencer network partners for your business
  • Audits existing affiliates and influencers
  • Find good quality influencer and affiliate partners and nurture win-win relationships

Our Content Marketing Services Include:

Affiliate and influencer relationship building and management

Advertising budget and bid management

Online advertising campaign design and optimization

Brand and content marketing amplification

Channel Performance and ROI Reporting with calls

Technical implementation and integrations of networks and tracking platforms

The granular level of digital campaign targeting

Digital asset and content creation

Performance and revenue share tracking

Affiliate and Influencer campaign management

Influencer and Affiliate engagement

A/B testing of adverts and landing pages

Fraud and quality checks

Special Note

A well-planned content strategy can have multiple benefits from brand awareness and positioning, to SEO, Social Media engagement and Return on Investment (ROI).

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