Branding and Creative Design

Branding and Creative Design: Media Feeders

Media Feeders is a branding and interactive design agency that focuses on the integration of design, technology, and marketing. Creative design is at the Centre of how and what we communicate in order to engage users and turn them into buyers and advocates. At our agency, we empower brands through designing digital platforms that elevate the customers’ experience.

Your brand is the way your customers and most especially your potential customers feel and think about your business. At Media Feeders we define a brand strategy, establishing what a business stands for, its purpose and values in very simple and compelling terms. We translate this into a differentiating positioning.

Branding and Creative Design

We will handle the following for you with great satisfaction:


Logo / Brand Identity Design

Business Collateral / Stationery Design

Brand Style Guides

Graphic Design (Banner, Flyers, Brochures, Magazines, etc.)

Print Design (Banner, Flyers, Brochures, Magazines, etc.)

Product Design

Packaging Design

Brand Strategy

Brand Manual

Marketing Campaigns

Content generation

Content Strategy and Copywriting

Web Design

Marketing Materials

Trade Show and Environmental Design


Animations and visual composing

Advertising Campaigns

Photography and Image editing

Beyond just having a fine logo, we have a way to combine logic and magic to give you that winning corporate identity that works effectively.

Media Feeders will help you catch your business target with an awesomely looking website that will give them an attractive first impression with a lasting memory of their visit to your website. First impressions count for everything.

Our Process: Branding and Creative Design

  • Confirm the project process and schedule
  • Review existing materials, website, publications
  • Conduct meetings with the client to understand the objectives of the company, the goals and other needed information for the graphic identity project.
  • Create a brief that summarizes our findings in the form of a narrative.
  • Present a findings summary in preparation for work.

Brand Strategy Development

Design Concept

We will create a new graphic identity for you as our client. We will determine the appropriate sample applications and create for you as a client multiple design concepts for the identity across sample applications and present concepts to the client. Based on feedback, we will refine one direction for a follow-up presentation.

Logo Design

Once a single direction is chosen, Media Feeders will start design development. Establish color, typography, and supporting graphic elements. Conducts a review with the client to discuss revisions and feedback. Present final design to the client for approval and finally create digital files for the logo in preparation for final production.

Collateral Design

Media Feeders will develop designs for representative applications with the use of the identity. Our potential applications include Stationery: letterhead, envelope, business cards, note pad, ID Cards, folder, CD and CD Jacket. Email newsletter template and desktop wallpaper

Brand Guidelines Development

Media Feeders will present the client with the graphic identity in a few pages. It will be a Design Guidelines document that explains the rules and usage of the graphic identity, scale, composition, typography, palette, reproduction guidelines, and recommendations on applications. This document will serve as a guide for inside and external designers working on behalf of the client.

Your Business Deserves the Best

Your business needs a partner that has the skills, the technology, and the experience to create an industry-leading design, brand, and website for your business that can easily compete in today’s overcrowded marketplace.

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The right brand should speak to your potential customers. It tells the story of your business and personifies a company’s voice and vision. Design is a tool for driving engagement, building trust, and generating interest.